Saturday, May 18, 2013

My MCAT Rules

"Take a breath" is my #1 MCAT rule.

Five days and counting ...

I'm taking AAMC #11 (aka "yet another MCAT practice test") today. But before I do, I wanted to share some MCAT "rules" that I've developed for myself. This was at the suggestion of my dear friend (and my MCAT coach). Before every practice test, I read them over, and rewrite them as well to drill them into my head. They have nothing to do with content - 5 minutes before an exam, you either know it or you don't in terms of material. These rules have to do with mindset, which for me has been a huge battle.

If anyone else has rules or positive thoughts that they think before an exam, please share!


1. Take a breath.

2. Trust your gut.

3. Take this seriously.

4. Focus.

5. Maintain tempo:
  • Presto (PS)
  • Largo (VR)
  • Adagio (BS)

6. Think NOW - not ahead, and not behind.

7. Read every word carefully:
  • Passages
  • Questions
  • Answer choices

8. Eliminate wrong answers.

9. Estimate.

10. Guess and move on after a minute.

11. Keep calm and carry on.

12. Think positive, not negative thoughts.

13. Channel confidence, not fear or doubt.